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Report A Repair

Emergency call-outs can be very expensive for your Landlord. Before reporting an emergency call-out, please see the examples below of what is considered as a REAL EMERGENCY and a NON-EMERGENCY.

Examples of real emergencies:
Gas leaks
Water leaks which can't be stopped by turning off an isolation valve/ stop tap.
Burglaries which require doors or windows securing.
Locked out of the property due to faulty/collapsed lock.
Boiler breakdowns in extreme weather conditions.
Electrical wiring/installations causing sparking or shocks.

In the case of a real emergency, please call us on 020 8572 1066 immediately.

Examples of a NON-EMERGENCY
  • Blocked drains or sinks.
  • Lost keys - you should call a locksmith at your own expense or wait until our office opens to see if we have spares.
  • Broken kitchen appliances.
  • Blown fuses or bulbs.
  • Boiler breakdowns in mild weather conditions.

Non emergency call out: please complete the form below and we'll contact you as soon as possible to let you know how we intend to resolve the problem.
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